The allure of ‘busy’

When someone – at work – asks us how we are, is our first response ‘busy’?

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Why do we treat being busy as a badge of honour?

(I realise that for entreprenuers etc, busy is good/necessary – the opposite of busy = no business = broke… But my comments here are about those of us working in organisations.)

Is this typical response due to a deeply embedded work ethic (Protestant or otherwise!)?

Or is it really a comfort blanket? ‘If I’m busy, it must be because I’m important – or, at least, needed; so if I keep being busy, I’ll keep being needed.’

For my part, being busy is over-rated. It means that you aren’t taking time to think, time to prioritise, time to decide where your contribution will bring most value.

So the next time someone asks you how you are, why not try a different response? Some suggestions:

  • I’m purposeful!
  • I’m focused!
  • I’m making a valuable contribution!
  • I’m productive!

Feel free to add your own response.

3 thoughts on “The allure of ‘busy’

  1. I actually said something along these lines (not as elloquently) sometime ago in a church meeting/housegroup/service & I have tried not to automatically answer with that response! Not sure I always achieve it as sometimes I just simply am ‘busy’!

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