Sticking to your commitments

I returned to work today after (just over) a week on leave.  As you would expect there was a stack of stuff that “needed” my attention.  So, I took a deep breath… and made myself a cup of peppermint tea.  It’s what I do at the start of each working day.  Why should I skip it to meet the demands of others?

Then, when I was ready I tackled my accumulated e-mail.  I like e-mail, and I’ve (almost) stopped moaning about how much junk I get via e-mail.  (More of how I tackle holiday e-mail on another occasion.)

There was one meeting in my diary for the afternoon – in another town, which meant it would take all afternoon.  And I hadn’t received the agenda or papers.  Should I call off? I had lots of other things that I could justifiably say were more important, or urgent, or both!  As soon as I raised the question, I recalled the words of a friend who advises that we shouldn’t change commitments because we get a better offer.  I had made a commitment and I needed to stick to it.

So I went to the meeting, which wasn’t particularly useful or purposeful or productive.  But I’m glad that I went, because I had a valuable and much needed conversation with a colleague after the meeting had ended.  It’s a conversation that will help us to move a key agenda.

My afternoon was time well spent.  And the e-mails?  Well, they can wait until tomorrow!


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