The e-mail backlog

Yesterday I alluded to how I tackle my holiday e-mail backlog.  I have written about aspects of this before, but as with most productivity practices, it’s morphed a bit since then.

Step 1 – make a cup of peppermint tea.

Step 2 – sort inbox by sender.  This gives me a remarkable degree of insight for step 3.

Step 3 – delete: ruthlessly, energetically, enthusiastically… if in doubt, you know what to do!

Steps 1 to 3 typically take 20 minutes after one week of holiday; and usually result in less than one-third of the original volume needing to be dealt with.

Step 4 – step away from the computer.  Go and catch up with staff, colleagues.

Step 5 – perform ‘incoming’ triage (more info coming soon).

Step 6 – adopt ‘DON’T PANIC’ strategy, described here.

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