Adverts and headlines – practical application

As I mulled over my musings from the other day, I was searching for some practical examples.  I have thought of two so far:

Typically (in my world anyway) agendas for meetings are presented as a list of topics – i.e. headlines.  using my definitions, this means they are serving as invitations to explore the subjects further.  But given the general ennui associated with meetings, would it not be more effective to put the effort in to create adverts – to tempt me to participate?  This would be along the lines of Al Pittampalli’s “Modern Meeting Standard”.  I think it would be an improvement.

Intriguingly, in the area of recruitment advertising we have moved from preparing (carefully crafting) content to entice prospective candidates, to generating headlines only.  This has been linked to two key developments – the advent of online recruitment and the abundance of labour in the job market at this time.  I wonder if we will need to change our approach if/when the market changes?

If you can think of any other practical applications, please contribute them.


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