Breaking the rules

Last week I heard Lalitha Natarajan speaking on Good Morning Scotland’s Thought for the Day.  One of the things that she said was:

We need to break the rules that inhibit good happening.

… which got me thinking:

  • What rules?
  • Where to draw the line?

And my mind moved on to consider:

  • What are the boundaries for civl disobedience?
  • What (if anything) would I go to jail for?  [I didn’t like this question, probably because the answer would not be very edifying in my case.]

Then I caught myself, as I realised that I was projecting the rules that need to be broken on to other people, organisations, governments.

  • But what about the rules that I have some responsibility for?
  • Am I willing to evaluate which of these rules need to be broken?
  • And if I’m prepared for them to be broken, why do I not proactively jettison them?
  • Or is it just easier to live in an abstract world, rather than applying such principles in my own wee world?  After all, Lalitha was talking to lots of listeners, not just me!

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