Listen to the flight attendant!

Following my recent entry, I came across another video highlighting a key life lesson that we should take from the safety instructions that flight attendants recite before every flight.  I know that most of us tend to ignore what they’re saying, but apart from the practical safety aspects, there is something else that we can glean from their standardised speech.

The information that I’m referring to is the advice to put on your own oxygen mask before trying to help other people.  When we pause to think about it, it makes sense.  Following this approach makes sure that we are fit to help others; not following it may lead to us being unable to help others, and actually needing help ourselves.

So what’s the wider lesson?

Simply that we need to look after ourselves.  I’ve written several blog entries about the importance of setting priorities and making sure that ‘self’ is high on the list.  Managing our health and energy on a daily basis is clearly important. But just like the advice of the flight attendants, I wonder of we really listen to it.  Do we put it into practice?  If so, how do we do it?  Do we make it a daily priority or do we fit it in IF we get around to it?

We will only be able to give of our best, if we are  in a healthy place to start with.

Maybe it’s worth revisiting the airline safety advice, and applying it to our daily habits and routines.


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