Your gifts will bring you home

I watched this video several weeks ago and it’s been stuck in my mind ever since.  Maybe it lingered because I was struck by the wisdom of her mother’s advice, and I wonder if I can offer appropriate advice to my daughter.  But there were other reasons.

I admired Victoria Labalme’s honesty about her search for fame, followed by the realisation that “… being famous in Hollywood didn’t quite seem so important as contributing and connecting.”

I think that for many of us, there is an increasing awareness that making a contribution is of the utmost importance in the career (and other) choices that we make.

These thoughts crystallised the other day when I heard Mark Sanborn speaking about  ‘The Three Loves’:

Love what you do; love who you do it with; most of all, love who you do it for.

Maybe that’s the best advice that we can get – whether we’re approaching 20 or leaving 50 in the rear-view mirror!


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