The three book diet

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Chris Brogan has been suggesting that we adopt a different approach to reading – at least for a year.  He’s advocating a three book diet.  The concept is as simple as it sounds – pick three books for the year and stick to them.  Read them, re-read them, absorb them, digest them, apply them…  you can read the details on his blog.

If I understand Chris Brogan correctly he’s not aiming his ‘campaign’ at those who don’t read much or at all.  Rather he’s targeting those who read lots of books; who read with the next book in mind; finishing one so that they can begin the next.

I like the idea of slowing down, of reading purposefully, intentionally.  So I’m thinking about my reading plan for next year (about actually having one) and choosing my topics more thoughtfully.  And that means that I’m going to stop (occasionally) reviewing books for publishers.

I don’t intend to follow the three book diet, but I hope that I can stick with my intentional and, hopefully, more enjoyable approach.  That reminds me, I must trim/decimate my Amazon wishlists!

When I see my bookshelf expanding, it gives me the illusion that my brain is expanding.

Malcolm Gladwell


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