Another book idea

I’ve been noticing a lot of publicity material for a recently published book called:

You can read about it by clicking on the image above.  I have no intention of buying it, but…

… the idea got me thinking.

What books would be on my ideal bookshelf?  I’m not going to list them, but I have been thinking about the criteria that I’d use to make such a selection.

(Of course, the notion of a bookshelf will need to embrace a virtual dimension with the advent of e-books.  But I’m sure that’s not an insurmountable barrier.)

Firstly, each book would need to comply with my definition of 5-stars.

Secondly, they would need to be re-readable – regularly.  (This would fit with the three book diet concept)

Thirdly, I would need to expect to discover new nuggets each time I read them.

Fourthly, (and finally) the overall selection would need to reflect the key areas of my life.

Would you apply any other criteria for a book to be eligible for your ideal bookshelf?


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