In praise of imperfection

or… ‘Why your camera’s auto mode is evil’.  I read this blog entry from Photography Blogger shortly after producing some less than stellar images this weekend.  It cheered me, especially this bit:

Using automatic modes will help you take sharp, well-exposed pictures. And that’s important. But photography, at its core, has nothing to do with that. A good photograph is one that communicates. It tells a story. And you, as an artist, are someone who shares your stories through the photographs you create.

The context for my technical failure was Perth’s Christmas Lights Festival.  As it is relatively close to Guy Fawkes night, i wanted to try some different approaches to firework photos.

Previous efforts have produced shots like this:

f= 5.6 ; ISO = 160; shutter speed = 1.6 sec

What I was aiming for was more along these lines:

f= 4.0 ; ISO = 800; shutter speed = 1/40

The closest that I managed was this:

f= 4.3 ; ISO = 640; shutter speed = 1/5

But the story of the night didn’t end there.  Immediately after the fireworks there was a light show.  I really messed these up from a technical perspective, but they are the story of the night, so I’m posting them anyway!

f= 4.7 ; ISO = 3200; shutter speed = 1/4

f= 4.4 ; ISO = 3200; shutter speed = 1/4

I might have another bash next year, but we’ll see.

If you’re going to fear failure, you will never produce anything.


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