Leading like a swan

A few weeks ago I came across a wee video from HBR that has stuck with me ever since.  Actually, it’s been haunting me, stalking me, sitting on my shoulder and yelling in my ear!

It’s called: Leading Like a Swan; it’s just over two minutes long; and you can find it here.

The phrase that hit me between the eyes was:

Everything you do is amplified!

Now that can be a reassuring thought when you’re on top of your game, moving effortlessly, serenely towards your objectives.

Mute swan feeding
Mute swan feeding (Photo credit: Martyn @ Negaro)

It feels very different when you realise that you’re backside is sticking up in the air!  No-one wants a picture of an amplified backside in their head!

Seriously… stop and think about the impact that your behaviour is having – especially when things aren’t going too well.  That’s when you get the chance to demonstrate the calibre of your leadership.


One thought on “Leading like a swan

  1. Leadership means being engaging and engaged, being visible, knowing where you are going and showing the way. I agree all attributes of a swan. Can you really believe this is your leadership style?

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