I pledge to thee…

I was at an event the other day (actually it was a colloquium – look it up in the

dictionary!) and towards the end we were each asked to write on a postcard a personal pledge of something that we would do to move this initiative forward.  We were also asked to include our name and organisation on the card – and to leave the card behind.

It struck me at the time as a good way to get people to commit to action, rather than just talk (especially in the context of a colloquium!).  It reminded me of the accountability element of action learning sets.

Before you get concerned, I’m not going to ask you to make a public pledge of any kind.

However, I am encouraging you to think through what you would pledge in response to this thought from Mary Oliver:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

What will you be purposeful, intentional about in your life?  What are you willing to be committed to and accountable for?

Maybe try writing it down, and reviewing it once a month.


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