How will you sweat today?

English: Drops of sweat
English: Drops of sweat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The title of this post comes from the article that I referred to yesterday.  It’s a phrase that has stuck with me, as I mulled over the literal (physiological) answers and the metaphorical ones as well.

Sitting in the steam room (post workout) I concocted a list of ways to sweat – perspire if you’re a lady, glow if you’re a dancer! – ranging from the good to the bad.

Feel free to add your own examples.


  • Vigorous exercise
  • Steam room (after vigorous exercise)
  • Hot curry
  • Sunny weather ( a rare event in Scotland)
  • Nervous anticipation


  • Running to catch up
  • “The small stuff”
  • ‘Busywork’
  • Running to stand still (and I don’t mean on the treadmill at the gym!)
  • Working longer and longer hours
  • Panic attacks, palpitations or something even worse.

You can choose where to place the INXS song, depending on personal preference. (Listen to the lyrics to make the connection.)



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