The unexamined habit

To misquote Socrates:

The unexamined habit is not worth adopting.

Many people are trying to adopt new habits at this time of year. They tend to refer to them as New Year Resolutions, but what has been resolved?

It’s a long time now since I even considered making a New Year’s resolution. However, I make frequent resolutions by examining my habits (or routines) and adjusting them.

As with all areas of improvement in life, you need to start with ‘why’, not with ‘what’ or ‘how’.  When we understand why we want to improve something, we gain a sense of purpose – which is what we need to rely on when things get difficult.

When (and only when) you have established why you want to change, the next step should be to really examine your current reality. Critical, honest, self-assessment is necessary. From this basis, you can set realistic  achievable tagets.

Drastic change can work, but gradual, incremental improvement is more likely to be sustainable.


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