Piled higher and deeper

Last thoughts on dung beetles (for a while anyway).

The final lesson that I want to share is about the importance of storing your dung.  Dung beetles create stores of dung when they find a suitable crop(?), which reminds me of the importance of keeping notes, articles, snippets, ideas etc in a way that they can be retrieved.

Evernote (Photo credit: /Sizemore/)

Having ‘pfaffed’ about with several different methods and approaches, I’ve recently discovered the joys of Evernote. It’s easy to use, flexible and effective.  I’m slowing transferring stuff to it – as well as sniffing around for new stuff.

It also occurs to me that the beetle stores its dung in balls that can be easily transported (well, shoved) back to its nest.  The parallel here is with a plug-in for Chrome called Clearly.  It’s owned by Evernote, so it syncs readily to it.  Effectively it strips out all of the extraneous stuff like adverts, making webpages easy to read/transport – without having to roll them into spherical objects.

So that’s three entries from a TED talk that I almost skipped over.  Bella would be proud of me!


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