Tone matters

I came across this fascinating stuff on Jon Acuff’s blog:

Here’s the breakdown of how audiences draw their communication cues from you:

55% comes from the visual. (How you look, what you visually show during your presentation, etc.)

38% comes from your tone of voice.

7% comes from the words you say.

There isn’t any information about how/if this changes when there aren’t any visuals – like when your talking in a meeting.  I’d like to see this analysis.

After I read Jon’s entry, I reflected on a meeting that I attended this morning (without presentations).  I have to admit that I ‘tuned out’ of the contributions from at least two colleagues because of their tone of voice.  And, in my opinion, what they both lacked was the element of conversation.  Instead they conveyed a sense of being talked at, which is guaranteed to turn me off.

Worth thinking about the next time your preparing a presentation (or sermon) or before the next meeting you’ll attend.


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