Some fab music

Cover of "Please Please Me (Remastered)"
Cover of Please Please Me (Remastered)

Last night I stumbled across a programme on BBC Four marking the 50th anniversary of The Beatles recording their album “Please please me”. Since The Beatles recorded all of the tracks in one 12-hour session, the BBC tried to recreate some sense of that by asking a variety of artists to record one track each, but all within 12 hours.

I’m not sure that the programme succeeded in capturing the energy needed to record an album in a day, but it did contain some fascinating snippets about The Beatles, and the music was interesting.

In my opinion, several of the recordings ranged from ‘a bit iffy’ to ‘pretty awful’. But there were some exceptions. I enjoyed The Stereophonics version of “I saw her standing there’ (especially the drummer), and I am Kloot (new to me) produced a decent version of Chains after a slightly wobbly start.

The final track that was recorded (in both sessions) was Twist and Shout.  The BBC chose Beverley Knight to try this one. I didn’t see any way that this would work… I was WRONG. I thought she was great. You can hear it here.

The programme will be repeated on Sunday 17 February 2013 at 23:15, after that it will be available on iPlayer. It is worth watching. (Update: iPlayer link here – it’s available until 27 Feb. 2013)

I’ll be getting the vinyl out over the weekend to listen to the original – and best – versions.


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