Why white space?

At the end of last week I was wiped out. Aye, I’ve got a lot of work on at the moment, but I didn’t think that was the cause for me state of ennui.

On reflection, I realised that I had schedule meetings for more than 75% of my work days. That’s very unusual for me – my ‘normal’ maximum is 40%. Over the years I’ve found that this is the level that works for me – to allow time for:

  • preparing for meetings
  • reviewing and following up; and
  • white space.

whiteboardWhite space (according to my definition) is whiteboard time. The time that I leave unscheduled to think, doodle, and join dots. It’s the time when I slow down and let my brain and energy catch up with my activity. If you like, it’s when I step off the treadmill and catch my breath.

It’s taken a long time for me to get accustomed to this approach and, then, to embed it in my psyche. (I know that some of my colleagues don’t get it – but that’s their problem!).

I’m a bit disappointed that I lost my way last week, but I’m back on track. Now, where did I leave those drywipe pens?


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