Please watch this if…

… you’re interested in education; or

… you’re interested in social equity; or

… you’re interested in economics; or

… you’re interested in any combination of the above.

It’s also interesting if you’re involved in performance management. I like the way that Andreas Schleicher combines a range of indicators to draw his conclusions. Too often we rely on one or two datasets to reach our (unconvincing) conclusions. Joining the dots is the way to go.

I think it’s interesting if you deliver presentations. Andreas clearly knows his subject matter ‘inside out’; speaks eloquently and his points are clear and crisp. However, his slides are too busy, for my liking. He has already convinced me that he’s done his homework (pun intended ;-)). I would have reduced my examples to two or three data points to enhance visual clarity and audience perception.

Finally, I’m left wondering, what do we do with the information now that we have it available to us – especially in a country that seems to be obsessed with small class sizes? But that’s our problem, not Andreas’!


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