What’s working well?

what matters nowWe’re wired to focus on what’s not working…Stop agonizing about what’s not working. Instead, ask yourself, “What’s working well, right now, and how can I do more of it?

Chip and Dan Heath – What Matters Now on ‘Change’

For me, the most interesting aspect of this thought from the Heath brothers is that we have to ask ourselves what is working well. That is, we are so focused on the things that aren’t working that we don;t actually know what is… until we stop and ask ourselves. And, of course, unless something or someone compels us to change our mindset, will we ever ask the right question?

To change the emphasis, we need to change our mindset. We need to move from (passive) noticing and correcting to (active) awareness and learning.

And the benefits?

Apart from a boost to morale, more productivity and a positive working environment it’s hard to think of any. 😉


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