Let the future begin!

I (officially) start a new job today.

After a lengthy (ongoing) reorganisation – during which my previous job disappeared – I’m relieved that the stress and anxiety of not having a job are behind me. I’m excited by the new challenges that I’ll be facing, and conscious that some of my colleagues are still facing uncertainty about their future.

It’s also the beginning of advent, so there’s an added tinge of anticipation… and reflection… and, it’s high time that I started to write some blog entries.

Over the past couple of months the song “God’s great dance floor” has energised and inspired me (see the video below).

Two tips if you’re going to watch the video:

  1. watch full screen, pump up the volume and clear some space for energetic movement;
  2. pay attention to the trumpet player and the bouncing bouncer!

More incoherent ramblings to follow 😉


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