Interruptions – the blight of modern life?

Interruptions abound – people appearing expectantly at your desk, the ping of e-mail, the pull of tweets, the seductive allure of Facebook… Research has indicated that interruptions not only disturb our focus for the moment, we take several minutes to recover our train of thoughts and ‘get back’ to the point of intrusion.

But, where do these disturbances come from? Well, they come from people. People like me. Yes, I admit it I interrupt people (not when they’re talking though!).

So, maybe it’s time to re-think interruptions.

To look at it differently – what I consider an interruption, you consider to be a priority. In which case, I need to ask, ‘What is the appropriate response?’


2 thoughts on “Interruptions – the blight of modern life?

  1. I read in the 4-hour workweek that the best way to deal with people who interrupt you is to train them to contact you in other ways. For instance: a person stops by your desk to ask you something, you say “Hey, I’m a little busy right now, can you send me an email?” Then you can get back to them on your own time.

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