Saturday review: HDR Darkroom 3

A few weeks ago Leanne Cole reviewed HDR Darkroom 3. As the price was reduced on the Apple App store at the time (I think it was £6.99), I decided to give it a whirl. I should say at this stage that I have no experience of using HDR software – maybe that’s obvious from the images in yesterday’s post and below!

The software has 16 preset styles, each of which can be adjusted for exposure, saturation and vignette. Then there is a set of advanced adjustments for each preset. It’s easy to use, and a fun addition to my processing software.

I played around with some images from St Giles’ Cathedral/Kirk in Edinburgh – combining 2 or 3 RAW files to create the HDR image, then applying presets and tinkering with them.

Would I pay the full price of £27.99 for it? Probably not, given that it’s not an area of photography that I intended to explore. But it’s maybe worth watching for a price drop to snap it up.


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