Lessons from the art of juggling* #1

Juggle BallsIn my Twitter bio I describe myself – amongst other things – as a trainee juggler. To clarify, I can juggle with three balls for a few minutes (on a good day) and I know how to do one, unspectacular trick. But I reckon that I’ve learned a few things as I’ve juggled over the years, so I’m going to share some of those lessons here over the coming weeks.

LESSON #1 – Focus on the hard part

People think that juggling is about catching. I disagree. Catching is important, but catching is a reflex and comes, more or less, naturally.

Throwing requires a conscious act, and throwing consistently with both hands requires focus and practice.

So today’s lesson is determine the hard part of any task, activity, project and put your energy, effort and focus into that. That’s where the biggest gain will occur.

(* – The title for these entries is from a book by Michael Gelb and Tony Buzan. Some of the ideas are reflected in the book, others are not.)

(Photo by Pennywise @ morguefile.com)


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