Lessons from the art of juggling* #2

Juggle BallsLESSON #2 – It’s OK to drop the ball

When you’re learning to juggle the temptation is to avoid letting a ball drop at all costs. This is not sensible – or possible. Frantically trying to keep the balls in the air means that you lose your throwing form, and the balls will fall anyway.

In fact, I recommend that you let the balls fall as soon as you begin to lose control. Then re-visit lesson #1, and start all over again.

The same applies in other walks of life – when you’re learning a new skill, starting a new job, doing anything differently – you will make mistakes. The key is to accept this, and choose to learn where you went wrong, so that you can practice getting it right.

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(* – The title for these entries is from a book by Michael Gelb and Tony Buzan. Some of the ideas are reflected in the book, others are not.)

(Photo by Pennywise @ morguefile.com)


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