How to receive a compliment

Over the past couple of days, two people have paid me a compliment.

I responded differently on each occasion.

On Monday (to my shame) I interrupted the person who was talking to modestly deflect the compliment, to put myself down, to demur, to avoid feeling embarrassed, to throw the spotlight away from me.

As I thought about it later I realised that I can justify my reaction in all sorts of ways, but actually I was simply being ungracious.

When it happened yesterday, I started to react in the same way, but caught myself in the act. I accepted the compliment, said ‘Thank you’ and quietly blushed beneath my beard.

I think that the second approach is preferable, and I’ll try to do that in future.

And if the first person happens to read this entry – ‘I’m sorry. I really appreciated your comment. It meant a great deal to me and put a spring in my step. Thank you.’


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