Saturday review: WordPress support

wordpressOver the past couple of weeks I’ve had a minor problem with my blog. It wasn’t a big deal, just a wee inconvenience really. I searched the interweb but couldn’t find a solution to my specific issue.

So I posted a query on the support forum. Within a few hours I received a very comprehensive list of possible solutions from a community member called Timethief. None of the solutions worked for me, but Timethief asked for a bit more information and then tagged the issue for a staff member to pick up.

The next day a happiness engineer (what a great job title!) called Kartodim took up the case, suggested a couple of things, and after a few asynchronous clicks everything was back in working order.

I hesitate to call it customer service because all of this comes from a service that is free. Some of the other companies that I do give hard cash to could learn a lot from WordPress support.

I’m very impressed, in fact I’d say that I’m a raving fan – definitely five stars (according to my system).

5 stars


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