Happiness and Sabbath

Yesterday morning, when I was thinking about blog entries for this week, I came across this doodle in my idea book:

Happiness and Sabbath

It stopped me in my tracks, as I realised that I am not living according to my own rhetoric/mantra. I had been planning to spend a chunk of the day working. While that would have moved a few things off my to do list, was it really the best way to spend my Sunday?

Don’t get me wrong – work is important and requires discipline and dedication. But I also believe that I perform at my best when I manage my energy appropriately.

I know that I need to build time in to my weekly schedule for rest, recovery, re-creation, reflection and rewarding stuff. I recommend that you do the same.

How you do this is a personal choice. You may choose to keep one day of the week free from work, or follow the Jewish tradition of sundown one day to sundown the next.  I find that one work-free period of, at least, 24 hours each week fits the bill.

(I use the term Sabbath deliberately, because for me there is a spiritual dimension to it as well, but I don’t intend to convey any sense of legalism.)


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