Knowledge and experience and wisdom

The image below has been ‘doing the rounds’ on LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

knowledge and experience

I think that it offers an interesting insight, but only up to a point. I suspect that it appeals to those of us with ‘more miles on the clock’ who can claim the benefit of experience.

I wonder if that’s a bit self-serving or even delusional. In fact, as I’ve pondered this doodle, I’ve been left with lots of questions:

  • Is this the only way to join the dots?
  • Do the dots need to be joined?
  • Would the dots be better if they were gathered by colour?
  • Do we need all of the dots?
  • Who is looking for the dots that have not emerged yet?

So I’m left think that knowledge and experience are valuable, but to complete the picture we need more thinking, creativity, insight. Maybe the wisdom lies in joining only a few dots.

Or maybe the wisdom lies in seeing them as dots on a doodle and not over-analysing them 😉


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