Saturday review: 137 books in one year

137 booksThis is the first book that I finished in 2014. It’s very short – 94 print pages – and it includes lots of lists. In part, it chronicles the author’s (Kevin D Hendricks) increasing level of book reading over the years.

The book’s sub-title is ‘How to fall in love with reading’ and it had that effect on me – re-kindling (pun intended) my love of books. In recent years, the number of books that I’ve read has diminished as I’ve consumed more blogs, tweets and online articles. That’s changed since I read this book in early January and I’m now reading books much more than before.

Hendricks is keen to point out that the intention isn’t to read as many books as possible – “The point is just to read.” He advocates carrying a book everywhere; having a long list of books to read and a short list of books to read next; reflecting and reviewing what you read; and only reading one book at a time.

Find and devour books that make you love reading.

Some of my old habits will change as a result of reading this book. I intend to adopt a bias towards books, prepare lists as he suggests, be more consistent in reviewing and limit myself to one book at a time.

In essence this is a book about developing  a passion, almost to the point of obsession.

While reading is good, don’t be a jerk about it. Books are not more important than people.

This is a funny wee book, easy to read, and written in a clear, concise manner. I didn’t get much benefit from the lists of books that Hendricks has read in recent years, but that’s a minor issue.

I’m giving it four stars (according to my system), mainly because of its impact on me.

4 stars


2 thoughts on “Saturday review: 137 books in one year

    1. I think it’s intended to inspire more reading, which worked for me. Practical… well, I’m not sure. I have no intention of trying to read 137 books in a year, but I don’t think that’s what Hendricks is advocating.

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