How to be busy… and effective

From Nicholas Bate:

Seven Ways To Be Busy

  1. Send loads of e-mail making plentiful use of cc. [and ‘reply to all]
  2. Fill the schedule with long interminable meetings.
  3. Talk about how busy you are and the curse of e-mail and meetings.
  4. Write lists, lists and er, more lists.
  5. Stress it’s ‘just for the short-term’, ‘this quarter only’, ‘until we’ve got some mind-share’.
  6. Communicate solely through the smart phone window.
  7. Believe in the super-drug, adrenaline.

Seven Ways To Be Effective

  1. Learn how to use e-mail.
  2. Decide why you are on the planet.
  3. Have fewer meetings with fewer people for less time.
  4. Slow down. Do less. Be here now. Achieve more.
  5. Insist on clear, explicit brain-friendly actions.
  6. Take breaks.
  7. Have a life beyond work.

I’d say that just about covers it!


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