It’s easier than meditating…

Juggle BallsLessons from the art of juggling* #9 

When you’re able to juggle three balls with a degree of competence, you will notice that a rhythm emerges as you throw and catch, throw and catch, throw…

It doesn’t take long (for me) to become wrapped up in the rhythm, oblivious to all else around me, not even focusing on the throw and catch – just working automatically in a rhythm. My mind settles, ideas slip away and I’m left with no conscious thoughts, no irritations, no pressures… just the rhythm.

I use this technique during the working day when I recognise the need to slow down, I use it when I’m waiting for family members to get ready to go out, I also use it when I know that I’m close to a breakthrough but maybe I’m trying too hard.

And, you don’t need too much juggling skill to be abel to do it. It’s definitely easier than meditating.

(* – The title for these entries is from a book by Michael Gelb and Tony Buzan. Some of the ideas are reflected in the book, others are not.)

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