Saturday review: Cambo estate snowdrops

Yesterday we visited the Cambo estate garden (between Kingsbarns and Crail in Fife). We’ve talked about doing it for years, but hadn’t got around to it. The garden is huge and I’m sure that it must be impressive at the height of summer, but it’s famous for its snowdrops. They have over 350 varieties!

There are several paths that you can follow to see snowdrops growing in small clumps of specialist varieties or large drifts of nodding white flowers. We spent about an hour walking about – taking loads of photos – before we retreated to the tea room to escape the ‘bracing’ wind. We really only scratched the surface of the walks available, so we’ll return in future years.

(More photos to follow when I get around to processing them.)

Cambo is good value for money – entrance to the garden is £5 for adults, children don’t pay anything. It’s not a high octane adventure, but if you appreciate the beauty of snowdrops, with their optimistic promise of spring, Cambo is well worth a visit. But do it soon before the snowdrops are finished.

Cambo gets 5 stars from me.

5 stars


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