The problem with communication


This thought arose in connection with spoken communication, specifically in meetings. However, as I’ve reflected on it, I’ve come to think that it applies to all forms of communication (including this!).

When we try to communicate we frequently focus on ourselves, on what we know, what we’re trying to say. The other person isn’t our primary focus – in many cases, isn’t a focus at all.

Our purpose is to impress, be right, ‘win’ the argument… we tend to recount what’s in our head, rather than concentrating on what we’re trying to say to/for someone else.

But WHAT IF… we made every effort to ensure that our conversations (in their widest sense) were meaningful dialogues – an exchange of ideas that were understood by all parties?

Would we make more progress and produce better ideas? I hope that you understand that the last question is rhetorical. If not, maybe I need to work on my communication in this blog.


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