Reflecting on… reflecting

I’m writing this entry on Sunday evening, and I’m thinking about the away day that our senior leadership team had on Friday. For part of the day we dealt with a few matters of business, but most of our time was spent (directly and indirectly) exploring how we’ll work together as a team.

That’s hugely important, given that we’re a new team; but it would still be hugely important if we’d been together for years. Time away from the day-to-day busyness allowed us to relax, be open to each other, to listen and learn. It’s not often that a group of senior managers gets/takes the opportunity to step aside for a whole day, and it’s an opportunity that I think we seized.

For me, the day felt positive, purposeful and productive. I came away feeling invigorated and with a sense of momentum beginning to build.

The challenge will be to keep on reflecting on the topics that we covered on Friday, and to adjust our behaviours, approaches and systems accordingly. The investment will be diminished if we don’t actively follow through and add to our initial deliberations.

So, why am I writing this here? Partly to share a positive experience, but mainly to encourage the readers to consider when they last spent time reflecting with their colleagues about their values, purpose and ways of working. Without time and space to explore this, your assumptions will become norms, which will become embedded and will be difficult to change if/when you need to.


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