The (pester) power of a Post-it note

pesterpowerMaybe it’s just me… but as I’ve been moving towards a less-paper (not paperless) environment and use my electronic to do list more, it’s too easy to re-schedule tasks that I don’t get finished.

My previous boss used Post-it® notes as his primary (maybe only) to do list. On the inside his (paper) notebook he had a small supply of Post-it® notes where he would capture – and follow-up – on tasks and ideas. It seemed to be very effective for him.

I’m keen to establish a discipline around using an electronic tdl, but I recognise that I’m not getting there in one step. So, at least on an interim basis, I’m toying with the idea of transferring those unfinished tasks on to Post-it® notes. The idea is to appeal to my preference for visual thinking and to exploit the nagging, pester power of the Post-it® note.

Any thoughts, tips, alternative approaches? Or, is it just me?


One thought on “The (pester) power of a Post-it note

  1. I think it’s partially, but not all, you! I use my iPhone for most of my to dos, and my capturing and accomplishing items ‘score’ has skyrocketed as a result. A wonderful part of that is that I’m discovering how to dictate things to Siri when I’m driving around. (does anyone have some of their best ideas and remembrances while driving??)!

    OTOH, when I’m doing a quick trip out on errands, the mind is racing, or there’s a small batch of things to get done I often just grab a 3×5 notecard and joy them down. And I sometimes do this in the car as well, transferring them to the bucket list on my phone if they’re still important that night. Still working on this conscientious transferring thing, though… Hope all that helps, it seems to work pretty well for me.

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