A question of focus

While watching a webinar by Michael Bungay Stanier, I was struck by his opening question:

How focused do you plan to be?

Not ‘How focused are you?’

Not ‘What can you do to be more focused?’

Although both of these questions – and others – may follow naturally as we think about the key question.

Can I really plan my focus? Of course, the answer is ‘Yes!’. Perhaps we have become so used to being distracted that the thought of focus as a planned response hasn’t occurred to us.

The concept of planning our focus is really powerful (and it’s sometimes OK to plan not be super-focused).

A good question to start the week or a meeting, a project, an article that you’re about to read, a conversation that you’re part of, a holiday… in fact, just about anything that you’re doing.

Try it out – I’d love to know your reaction.


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