Hitting the buffers

The best laid schemes o’ mice and men, gang aft agley.buffer by Karwik

– Robert Burns

Well the plans were laid, the buffers were set, and then two meetings emerged that fully occupied my Tuesday buffer space.

Then I remembered where I’d first stumbled on the term ‘holiday buffer’. It was in a podcast featuring Elizabeth Grace Saunders, and one of the other things that she talked about was planning. I can’t quote her accurately, but the essence was:

Planning = thinking through what’s important;

Planning = reducing stress by being proactive;

Planning ≠ everything being perfect.

Since I had managed to do most of my planning for the week yesterday, hitting the (meeting) buffers toady wasn’t a disaster.  I expect that I’ll get back on track tomorrow, starting with the priorities that I proactively identified yesterday.

(Photo by Karwik @ flickr.com)


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