Slowing down to reflect

2012 July 01 - journalI’ve been reviewing my evening routines recently, and have decided to change some things.

One activity that I’m changing is my journalling. (I’ve written about this before – quite a few times). I’ve realise that I’ve been squeezing it in to my evenings, meaning that my entries are brief, hurried and not very reflective.

So, a few adjustments are in order.

  1. I will reinstate my one word summary of the day, which has fallen into abeyance of late.
  2. I will record three things from each day that I am grateful for.
  3. But most importantly, I will slow down my writing. I will allocate 30 minutes for journalling. Learning and reflection are important to me, so I need to invest the time. I will use a timer to keep myself ‘honest’ with this change.
  4. Finally, I will continue (with greater consistency) my Sunday review of entries from the week – to see what’s really been happening in my life.

Do you have any practices to share that help you to reflect regularly?


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