It’s not rocket science

In my role at work, there are times when I have to deal with whatever comes up (reactionary workflow). That’s been the case at the start of this week. It’s fair to say that this isn’t my favourite type of work, and not an environment that I flourish in.

pixe07 - rocket 2Knowing this, I’ve devised a simple strategy to cope with (or, more accurately, recover from) such unexpected activity. I create some recurring blocks of time in my diary every week for ‘project work’. This is shown as a ‘cannot be changed’ item.

In a normal week, this protects time to focus on something specific; in a manic week, it keeps some space for me to regain my equilibrium. It’s not rocket science, but I’m not a rocket scientist!

Todd Henry summaries a similar approach here:

1. Choose a particular project that’s important to you, and dedicate three blocks of time (at least an hour each) this week to working on it.

2. During that time, turn off all notifications, and if possible remove yourself from potential distractions.

3. If something comes up that could interfere with your plans, then politely decline and say that you already have a commitment during that time.

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