Continuous development

For almost 20 years now my professional accountancy body has encouraged (and, more recently, required) its members to participate in:




But for a few years now, I’ve realised that growth doesn’t simply come from attending courses, reading professional literature and garnering new technical/practical experiences. Instead, growth requires a more rounded approach – embracing all of life. Adopting a learner’s mindset – for example, by blogging, tweeting and exploring hobbies. So I started to call it:




But recently it occurred to me that growth is not a ‘thing’, it’s a mindset. So now it’s about




Growth requires intention, discipline and commitment. Each choice that we make contributes something to who we are. Of course, I don’t record all of these decisions when I submit my evidence portfolio to my accountancy body, but I do review some of them every time that I journal and that’s always a learning experience.


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