The 90-minute meeting limit – afterwards

90This is probably the most contentious of these posts on keeping meetings within a 90 minute limit. What you do after the meeting is as important as the preparation and participation stages.

Let’s look at what you can do after the meeting.

1 – Get on with the actions

Assuming that you’ve been taking notes during the meeting (and you should!) and that you’ve been paying attention to the capturing of actions (and you should!), then you know what is required of you. Don’t wait for the meeting note to be circulated, just get started.

Oh, and if you’re not clear about something, check it out straight away.

2 – Communicate

Take responsibility for letting wider staff groups know what has been approved/agreed/discussed. Also, follow up with any colleagues who missed the meeting.

Why will these activities help with the meeting limit? Well, they’ll help with the next meeting. If everyone takes responsibility for follow through and follow up, a whole pile of time can be saved at the start of the next meeting. With no/reduced time needed to check on follow through actions, and follow up with colleagues who missed the previous meeting, you can all get straight down the the heart of the business and focus on this meeting, rather than the one that’s been consigned to organisational history.

Feel free to add/challenge all of the above.


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