My favourite antidote to busy-ness

considered neglect


2 thoughts on “My favourite antidote to busy-ness

  1. What a load of rubbish. It is easy to see that you procrastinate. This is not self discipline. It is inactivity, lack of commitment and drive. Perhaps considered neglect but neglect nonetheless especially when the priorities of others may be more important to the organisation than your own priorities which yield no benefit.

    1. Andrea: I think you’re missing my point. The self-discipline comes from being clear about, and sticking to, your own priorities so that you can put your best effort into those things where you have a unique contribution to make. It seems to me that it’s easy to react to everything that comes in, and complain about being busy. Busy should not be a status symbol.
      (By the way, I was tempted to delete your comment for being judgemental rather than constructive. I may yield to that tempation.)

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