What is your tennis ball?

(Not a reference to this weekend’s Davis Cup triumph in Glasgow!)

I recently heard Warren Berger talking about his book ‘A more beautiful question’. Berger listed a number of questions that are intended to give clarity or help build momentum. The one that I liked most was the title of this blog entry:

What is your tennis ball?

I was a wee bit surprised and confused when I heard the question for the first time. But when Warren Berger explained, it all made sense to me, and has stuck with me since.

When a dog chases a tennis ball, it is focused on only one thing, nothing will distract the dog from the ball.

So, what are you relentlessly focused on? What is your consuming passion?

What is your tennis ball? It’s a challenging question.

(HT: Michael Bungay Stanier for the Great Work Interview with Warren Berger.)


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