Slow rituals

Mornings should always be a time for us to remember our purpose, and feel thankful for what we have.

Adebe DeRango-Adem

I like this observation from Adebe DeRango-Adem. If we start our days in this way, it should set us with a positive spirit for all that follows. But the key question (at least for me) is how do I build this ritual into my days?

I’ve been trying three different approaches.

Firstly, I have a card with Adebe’s quotation written on it. I leave this on the desk in the study, which is where my mornings tend to begin.

I also try to have a couple of minutes during my commute when I switch off the radio/podcasts that I’ve been listening to and let my mind settle a bit.

Finally, I’ve been developing the habit of going for a short walk as soon as I arrive at work. The only thing that interferes with this is the Scottish weather. As I walk I bring my mind slowly to the business of the day, and try to adopt the most positive outlook that I can muster.

Do you have any similar practices that you’d like to share?


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