Diary rules

calendarDo you rule your diary or does it rule you?

For the past 6 months I’ve been following a set of written diary rules. The rules are not perfect and I’ve decided that it’s time to review them. I’ll share some of the thinking in future entries.

Before I start this process in detail, I’ve been asking myself, ‘How much of my diary do I control?’ There’s little value in developing a set of rules that assumes full control, if the reality is that I control 10% of my time. My guess is that I have the ability to choose how I spend 70-80% of my worktime.

With that underpinning thought, I have decided that I will change the language that I use in relation to my dairy (and time). “I have to…” will be limited to those situations where I have no choice but to attend a specific meeting; otherwise, it will be “I choose…”

Reframing my mindset should let me review my diary rules with a clearer perspective… watch this space.

(Photo by dhester on morguefile.com)


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