Four reasons why I have written diary rules

Before I begin the process of reviewing my diary rules, I thought it’d be useful to clarify why I have written rules.

1 – To clarify my thinking

Writing the rules helped me to think about my purpose, my priorities and my non-negotiables.

2 – To explain how I want to work to my assistant

My wonderful assistant has full control over my diary (which was a very big step for me to take), so it seemed sensible to codify my approach so that she can understand how I like to work.

3 – To make myself accountable

I have shared the rules with colleagues partly for their information, but also to ensure that I have some accountability if/when I do not follow my own rules.

4 – To review my week

Setting the rules gives me a framework to compare my rhetoric and my reality. This isn’t always comfortable, but I think that is is worthwhile.

Now to start reviewing. I’ll post a few entries about this process, then I’ll publish my revised rules. Please feel free to share your approach/thoughts.

All we have to decide is what we do with the time that is given to us.

– J R R Tolkein


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