This is the word that started yesterday’s train of nonsense… SIMPLEXITY. I came across it in an article by Harvey Schachter. Of course, it reminded me of the Einstein quotation:

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.

The gist of the concept is to identify simple steps that can build momentum towards addressing a complex issue. It’s about simplifying at the start.

I’m a great believer in simplicity – it suits my limited brain. As Winnie the Pooh said:

I am a Bear of Very Little Brain and long words Bother me.

Of course, many people operate at the opposite end of the spectrum to SIMPLEXITY. They COMPLIFICATE everything. I frequently hear the refrain “You don’t understand how complicated this is…” (or a variation thereof).

There is no denying that modern life in large organisations can be complex. But ‘complicated’ is a choice. For my tuppence worth, one of the key responsibilities of a leader is to generate action, and that carries with it a prerequisite to remove barriers – especially those of COMPLIFICATION. We need to create the conditions for SIMPLEXITY, allow space for action, then SIMPLIFICATE again to allow the next action.

It’s not rocket science, but it is a choice.


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