“Sit in the chair”

I came across this article recently and the phrase ‘sit in the chair’ struck a chord. The concept is similar to Steven Pressfield’s ‘do the work’. It’s all about that simple – and yet difficult – process of showing up consistently, whether you feel inspired or not.

I have a mountain of photos to process; piles articles that I’ve read and annotated but not really digested; oodles of half-formed blog entries… you get the idea. But until I sit in the chair and develop the discipline of dealing with these things, the only thing that will change is that the stacks will get higher.

For example, I recently took a batch of photos of the mist on the River Tay. In 10 minutes I captured 95 images. If I had followed my normal (previous?) pattern, they would still be sitting in a folder on the desktop of my Mac. But this time I challenged myself to process them and note how long it took from start to finish. Here are the timings:

  • 16 minutes to upload and flick through them (quick look)
  • 9 minutes to filter (from 95 to 12 images)
  • 33 minutes to process, although I didn’t do any significant post-production work on any of them.

That’s 68 minutes of activity from first click to ready to publish – 4 short bursts of activity to produce a series of shots that I’m quite pleased with.

I think it’s time for me to develop the habit of sitting in the chair. You might even see some entries appearing here from time to time!


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