The weekend begins on Monday

mondayRecently I’ve noticed that I’ve been working more regularly at the weekend. I’ve also noticed that there has been a dip in both the quality and quantity of my work output. From past experience, I’m convinced that there’s a direct correlation here. When I’m at my best, my weekends tend to be work-free.

So the question is – how do I get back to this position? I have six tactics that I use.

1 – Plan my week

Be sensible, realistic and challenging. Know what my overall objective is, be specific about the big things that need to be tackled. Write it down. In the ideal world, I like to do this on Friday, but I’m OK with doing this on Sunday evening.

2 – Deal with ‘today’ today

This is basically about keeping up, but I’ll explain it more fully in a separate entry.

3 – Keep space on Friday

I try to avoid meetings on Fridays (not always possible) with a view to tidying up anything that spills over from the rest of the week; reviewing the week; and planning next week.

4 – Don’t e-mail colleagues at the weekend

Even if I choose to work at the weekend, I try to avoid e-mailing colleagues on the basis that I shouldn’t assume or encourage them to work at the weekend.

5 – Choose not to work at the weekend

Sounds simple enough, but it’s helpful to remember that working at the weekend (at least in my current role) is a choice not a requirement.

6 – Plan your weekend

Planning my weekend in advance helps to reinforce 5 above.

Do you have any tactics to suggest/share?


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